2016 SA Bonsai Show

Spring Weekend of Weather Extremes Brings Bonsai Enthusiasts to Goodwood

Andrew Ward

The weekend of The 2016 SA Bonsai Society Annual Show brought Saturday with warm weather and a top of 28C before dropping to 14C with a downpour storm on Sunday. The extremes of weather brought with it crowds that were queued past the corner of the hall at show opening on Saturday with a steady flow of visitors and a comparable crowd, not deterred by the weather, on Sunday. Almost 1000 people visited the show over the two days.

The show had a different floor plan this year. Visitors could not see the entire exhibition in one glance, instead needing to move around the hall leisurely so as to take in the beauty of the many bonsai displayed. The display included bonsai in a three point display competition, with the emphasis being on the staging of their display. The winner was Malcolm Roberts, taking home the $100 encouragement prize donated by Janet Sabey. Malcolm displayed a Chinese Elm with an accent plant and scroll. The judges appreciated the visual balance of this display as being stronger than the others in the competition.

Chris Drinkwater’s Eriocephalus africanus group setting was impressive, having won the John A Michell Memorial Prize for Grand Champion Bonsai at The 2016 Royal Adelaide Show. Chris receive his specially commissioned trophy at a presentation on the Friday evening at the hall.

Other than the varied display of well presented bonsai, other features of the weekend included the Novice Bonsai Competition with an outstanding standard of display, Ikebana displays and demonstrations, Ruth Creedy and sister Heather’s unique scrolls, Annie Reid’s Tamari Balls, Con Preston and Greg Horner’s bonsai display stands, Mark Reynolds and Sue Hines very capable barista skills that were accompanied by Mark Wheatley’s fantastic homestyle chocolate brownies, Anzac biscuits and peppermint slice, Lindy Wilhelm and Heidi Richter at the Bonsai Clinic, Janet Sabey with the Children’s Build a Bonsai Activity, Bob Smith/Howard Hamon/Matt Sharp/Luke Parsons ‘performing’ bonsai demonstrations …

There will be a more comprehensive in the Summer SA Bonsai Society Online Newsletter.