Exhibition Guide

Open section

  • Any member may exhibit in this section.
  • All bonsai must have been trained by the exhibitor for at least 3 months.
  • No advanced member may exhibit more than one bonsai in each of the three classes in any month.
  • Points awarded for each bonsai exhibited and the annual perpetual trophy awarded to exhibitor of the year for the person obtaining the most points.
  • Trees in training may be exhibited without penalty.


Intermediate section

  • For any member who after gaining 24 points or participating for a maximum of 3 years in Novice Section.
  • No member may exhibit more that one bonsai in each of the three classes in any month.
  • An annual prize is awarded for the exhibitor accumulating the most points in any year.


Novice section

  • No limit to the number of trees exhibited.
  • Members may only remain in this section until they win six (6) first awards.
  • Both Bonsai in pots and training boxes may be exhibited. Points are awarded for trees in Bonsai Pots only.
  • Points in the Novice Section are awarded in the following manner
    • First Place Novice – 3 points
    • Second Place Novice – 2 points
    • Popular Choice Novice – 3 points
    • Encouragement Novice – 2 points
    • Other trees – 1 point

Prizes are awarded for annual aggregate.

Multiple Plantings: Includes Group, Connected Root, Raft and Saikei Styles.

Miniature: Under 15 cm. high.

Points are only awarded to financial members